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Second annual 5k walk to end child abuse
and family resource fair
April 29th, 2023! 

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In the U.S. we lose 3-7 children per day due to abuse & neglect. How far will you go to stop child abuse? 

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As Rob walks across the United States he will find resources in the cities he visits along the way. To track his progress and view valuable resources click the button below. 


The Walk

The Walk Robert Schrader

The walk is to raise awareness of the impact that child abuse has on the United States. By walking from coast to coast, our goal is to educate each town I walk through about their own child abuse statistics, and to also provide information on all of the outreach programs each town has in place to help prevent child abuse in the first place. I will be keeping a daily VLOG about my day so people can follow me each step of the way. Each VLOG will provide new information to help educate the followers about child neglect and abuse. The VLOG will also provide daily routines of my 12 hour walk each day along with some entertaining comical sketches to keep the viewers laughing and smiling. 

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